Conditions of Contract to Exhibit

The Scientific Assembly of the New Mexico Chapter of the American Academy of Family Physicians

  1. The New Mexico Chapter of the American Academy of Family Physicians (NMCAAFP) acts for exhibitors and their Representatives in the capacity of Agent—not as principal.  NMCAAFP assumes no liability for any act of omission or commission in connection with the hotel. Exhibitor and their Representatives hereby release NMCAAFP from any and all liabilities to them for loss or damage ensuing from any cause whatsoever, except for claims for damages or injuries caused by or resulting from the negligence of NMCAAFP or its agents/employees.
  2. NMCAAFP determines eligibility of any company or product for exhibit.  NMCAAFP may forbid installation or request removal or discontinuance of any exhibit or promotion, wholly or in part, that in its opinion is not in keeping with the character and purpose of the Academy.
  3. Rental fee for space is due and payable prior to first exhibit day.
  4. Subletting space is not permitted.  Two or more firms may not exhibit in a single space unless arrangements are made with NMCAAFP.
  5. Exhibits should be constructed so that no copy appears higher than eight (8) feet from the floor and no structure exceeds a height of ten (10) feet. Any exceptions to this rule must be discussed with the Convention Services Manager.
  6. Exhibits should not project beyond space allowed. They should not obstruct the view or interfere with traffic to exhibits of others. The wings of an exhibit should not come out more than three feet from the back wall.
  7. No part of any exhibit and no sign should be pasted, nailed or otherwise affixed to walls, doors, etc. in any way that might cause defacement. Damage from failure to observe this notice is payable by exhibitor.
  8. Interviews, demonstrations, distribution of literature, samples and detailing should take place inside booths in order to avoid infringements of rights and privileges of exhibitors.
  9. NMCAAFP may withhold or withdraw permission to distribute souvenirs, advertising or other material it considers objectionable.
  10. Cancellation of space within sixty (60) days of the meeting date will be refunded up to 50% of the space charge if the space is later sold.  Prior to the aforementioned sixty (60) days, 100% of the space charge will be refunded if the space is later sold.
  11. Combustible material for decorative or other purposes must be flame-proofed. Use or storage of flammable liquids, gases or solids is not permissible.
  12. Motion picture projectors and apparatus must conform to fire regulations of the hotel. Only safety film may be used. Sound film may be exhibited only in an enclosed room or sound proofed booths. Silent films should be arranged so aisles are not blocked.
  13. Exhibitors with audible electric devices, sound motion pictures or other devices which might prove objectionable to other exhibitors because of noise or odor or other annoyance will be asked to discontinue this method of promotion.
  14. Advertising, canvassing, solicitation of business, conferences in the interest of business, etc. are not permitted except by firms that have engaged space to exhibit, and then only in the space assigned.
  15. Exhibitors and/or their representatives agree that any charges incurred with the hotel or other agents for purchase, rental or service will be paid by the exhibitor or their agent.
  16. Exhibitors or their Representatives who fail to observe these conditions of contract or who, in the opinion of NMCAAFP, conduct themselves unethically, may be dismissed without refund or appeal for redress.
  17. Before any exhibit may be removed from the building, exhibitors must make arrangements satisfactory to NMCAAFP and the hotel for the payment of any charges incurred by the exhibitor in connection with their exhibiting therein.
  18. It is prohibited for Technical Exhibitors to extend printed invitations from their booths to NMCAAFP members for private meetings presented by their respective companies that are being held during the hours of the Scientific Assembly.
  19. NMCAAFP, in the event of conflicts regarding space requests or conditions beyond its control, reserves the right to rearrange the floor plan.