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66th Annual Summer Seminar

  • “Treating Opioid Use Disorder in the Fentanyl Era” – Valerie Carrejo, MD
  • “Head to Toe OSA” – Lana Wagner, MD
  • “Evidence-based Review of Medical Literature” – Sherry Weitzen, MD, PhD
  • “A Complex Disease Process: Understanding Endometriosis to Improve Patient Care” – Molly McClain, MD, MPH
  • “Update on Thyroid Disorders” – Teodor Duro, MD
  • “Choosing Wisely – Rapid Review of Practice-Changing Clinical Recommendations for 2024” – Alex Lin, MD; Isabel Diaz Morfin, MD; Sangmin Choe, MD
  • “Frontier Medicine” – John Cullen, MD
  • “Cases in the Community: Optimizing Treatment and Considering Weight Management as a Primary Goal in People With T2DM” – Dion Gallant, MD, FAAFP & Jay H. Shubrook, MD
  • “Wound Care” – Eileen Comstock, MD
  • “ ‘PFTs’ for the PCP” – Hayley Israel, MD
  • “The Critical Role of Family Physicians in Preventing Heart Disease with Coronary Calcium CT and Simple Targeted Lipid Management” – David Schade, MD
  • “New Approaches to Asthma in Treatment Selection and Assessment” – Stephen Brunton, MD
  • “Navigating Narcolepsy in Family Medicine: Patient-Centered Strategies to Optimize the Experience and Outcomes of Treatment” – Lois E. Krahn, MD
  • “Cognitive Disorders” – John Adair, MD
  • “Approach to Parkinson’s Disease” – Dana Sugar, MD
  • “A Call to Action to Primary Care as Partners in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: Practical Strategies to Shorten the Time to Diagnosis and to Safely and Effectively Improve the Course of This Disease for Our Patients” – Anjali Tiku Owens, MD
  • “Key Articles and Clinical Developments in Family Medicine” – Dan Waldman, MD
  • “Advances in the Treatment of Cardio-Renal-Metabolic Disorders” – Stephen Brunton, MD
  • “Updates on Community Acquired Pneumonia, Acute Bronchitis, and Acute Rhinosinusitis” – Stephanie Benson, MD, FAAFP
  • “The Healthcare AI Landscape: Opportunities and Challenges in Healthcare Transformation” – Jason Mitchell, MD
  • “Reducing Complications in Maternal Care from Rural Perspectives” – John Cullen, MD

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